Bluetooth Headphone: Tips to Buy For the First Time

February 18, 2021

You might have seen a lady or dude with Bose headphones without trailing wires. It may wonder you what’s this going on. They’re indeed Bluetooth headphones. And they have come with the new sign you’re by the sonic bend.

Bluetooth is a communication technology with a short-range that has been using in millions of items. These include smartphones, speakers, laptops, Bluetooth headphones, and many more. Are you looking for buying and confused to decide the suitable one?

If your answer is yes, we’re here with guidelines to help you in this case. So, before you buy wireless Bluetooth headphones, let’s know how to choose them when you buy them for the first time.


Do you need to use the headphones in a noisy workplace to talk to other people over a phone call? So, you need one that can cancel the outside noise. Also, it should have some reduced features so that you may choose the Bose QuietComfort 25. Moreover, you may want a headset.

The headset that calls headphones comes with a mic in front. When you walk while wearing this headset, you should get in-ear headphones. It has an ear hook including Jabra Sport pace or some other stable along with silicone and rubber tips.

You also can use them while jogging. It is the key reason for getting a headset, get Bluetooth headphone that has nice sound quality. Get one of them that comes with control keys for music playback. But, if you a lover of pop music and on/off your headphone several times, you should get a model like the BS15.

Battery Life

These types of headphones need charging. As a result, you have to ask the seller about their battery life before you buy. Typically, if you get larger headphones, you’ll get a much longer battery life. You can also look for “must have smart home tech” for your home.

But, if you want better-looking and handier ones, you should get the smaller types of headphones. Normally, headphones can run up to five hours by a single charge.

And their standby times are from less than one week to more than two weeks. If you get headphones of JLab Audio Epic2, you’ll get the highest battery life of 12 hours.


It may be an expensive mistake not to remember comfort when purchasing Bluetooth headphones. Some headphones use a headband, while others loop over the neck.

Some headphones have earbuds inside the ear that sit on the outside of the ear canal or the ear lobe’s edge. Some earbud models have various adjustable speaker cushions so that buyers can select the one more suitable for them.

Preferences in this field are very personal: Some people have their ears wearing headphones for many hours, and others have earphones crooked over their ears.


A headphone with a good range is expected if you are a person who travels around a lot without their phones. Many Bluetooth headphones work with Bluetooth Class 2, which can take up to 33 meters before sound quality begins to decrease.

However, a few Bluetooth level 1 headphones with ranges of up to 300 feet are available.