5 Tips On Picking The Right Toys For Your Dog

Choosing dog toys can be difficult, particularly with so many options on the market. A new toy can usually excite most dogs, so you will keep them entertained by playing with them as well as with the toy. For days where you don’t have time to play with your dog but want to give it something to do, you can buy chew toys and toys designed to entertain and calm it.

If you are looking online for pet-related items, you must buy one or two toys, at least for your pup. How do you ask? Follow these tips to pick suitable pet toys.

#1 Look for Toys Made of Hard Rubber That You Can Stuff with Sweets.

Kong dolls, which are small round containers that can be filled with hard or soft snacks (such as peanut butter), are a lot of fun to play with. They’re easy for your dog to chew and hold about in his belly. Filling them with food would even keep your dog interested in the toy.

You may also use the rubber toy for a fetch game. If your dog plays with the rubber often, make sure to substitute it with fresh, nutritious treats every week or so.

#2 Purchase A Ball to Play.

Dogs enjoy playing with various balls, including plastic balls, plush balls, baseball balls, and foam balls. They’re ideal for a fetch and grab game. Look for a ball that is the right size for your dog’s jaw.

Be sure the ball is made of rigid plastic, so he doesn’t chew it up into tiny bits. For aggressive chewers, a hollow ball may be a decent choice since it can typically handle a lot of chewing and squishing.

#3 Give Your Dog a Squeaky Toy to Play with.

Play toys with a squeaker inside will keep your dog interested in the toy for longer. On the other hand, Squeakers can trigger continuous squeaking sounds, so if you are susceptible to noise, you can avoid toys with squeakers.

Some dogs can try to rip the toy apart to reach the squeaker inside, resulting in a ruined toy and a significant mess. So, keep that in mind.

#4 Offer Your Old T-Shirts, Pillowcases, Or Towels to Your Puppy.

Some dogs find comfort in old t-shirts, pillowcases, or towels with their owner’s scent on them. Be prepared, however, for your dog to damage the objects over time. You can also look for pet care items for your dog.

You should also teach your dog which things are appropriate for him and which are not. This can be accomplished by rewarding positive behavior with an old t-shirt and then allowing the dog to play with old things intended for him.

#5 Before Purchasing Rawhide Dog Bones, Consult The Veterinarian.

Rawhide bones are healthy for your dog’s teeth, and they help clean them and remove plaque. Rawhide bones are also familiar to dogs. However, you can consult your veterinarian to determine which rawhide products or styles are suitable for your dog.

You can also consider strong rubber toys in the form of a bone instead of rawhide bones since they are more robust and would undoubtedly last longer.