How to Increase Your Medical Practice Revenue?

October 24, 2019

Even with the increase in the prices of almost everything you still try to get your hands on all the latest technologies for better diagnosis and treatment of your patients. But deep down you know that you are not getting the revenue that you deserve. So, try implementing the following strategies to boost your medical practice revenue.

1. Make an Online Website

With technology being used in every field and every occupation, why would you lack behind the world? Almost every renowned and successful company either it is a healthcare center or a business firm, has an online presence which has several benefits.

An up-to-date online website and active social media accounts play a vital role in boosting your clinic’s revenue because in many clinics having a website, around 20% of new patients are gained because of their online presence. With a proper website or social media account, you would be able to provide all the necessary details about you and your clinic, moreover, it will ultimately increase your reputation amongst the medical practices. It is also a great way to engage and deal with patients out of your clinic.

Also, provide a link to every patient of yours and ask them to leave an honest review about their experience in your clinic so that people can view it online and make decisions whether they want an appointment with you or not.

2. Offer Preventive Care to the Patients

Another effective way to increase your clinic’s revenue is to offer your patients some preventive care as this will help them in maintaining their good health.

  1. For healthy patients – an additional benefit of preventive care would be a lifesaver for them as it can result in the early diagnosis of any disease when things are right in hands so that better and timely treatment is provided to them.
  2. For patients with chronic diseases – it would help in turning down the number of frequent visits and readmissions hence increasing the clinic’s revenue.

3. Hire Skilled Medical Professionals

To achieve a bigger goal, you would need a cooperative and skilled team who work together with ultimate dedication to reach the goal. So, interview in detail and judge the candidates carefully before you hire them. Also, make sure that they have prior experience in this field and they fit perfectly on the criteria that you have set. With a professional and experienced team, you can achieve this goal of boosting your medical practice revenue pretty easily.

4. Schedule Appointments Carefully

Reduce your break time, cut the busy hours and schedule your work other than checking patients for the weekends, in this way, you would have more time and can engage with more patients than regular. Check the availability of the physicians in your clinic and make appointment schedules accordingly.

5. Use Quality and Up-To-Date Equipment

Having old equipment may save you money, but it will turn patients off. Also, use of IT tools like 3D DICOM viewer Windows is important as it will give the boost to read and retrieve medical quickly.

Apart from using best DICOM viewer for windows, you should also focus on giving freebies like Wi-Fi in your medical practice.


Even the smallest thing can have a great impact on your clinic’s revenue so consider these above-mentioned tips and incorporate them in your practice to get better and boosted revenue.