5 Best Accessories for Dodge Ram

September 25, 2019

With so many accessories available, it becomes hard to choose one. While accessories boost the look of your car in many ways, it also involves splurging quite a bit of cash. Let us share some tips as to what can you spend your money on when you want to update your Dodge Ram.

1. Grille Guards

Grille Guards is basically a structure, cage like, whose purpose is to protect the front of the vehicle during a collision. They are there to save the grills as well as the headlights amongst many other expensive and sensitive parts. They come under different names in America and Australia etc. Grille Guards can range somewhere between $300 to $1000 depending on your budget. They not only make your Dodge Ram look bulkier but protect it as well.

2. Nerf Bars

Amongst many other popular Dodge Ram accessories, Nerf bars stand out as well as the process of their installation is fairly simple. They help you and others in stepping in or outside the vehicle. If your day job demands stepping in or outside the vehicle numerous times or you have elderly people travelling along, you might want to prefer installing these. They will also make your truck look better. With so many varieties available in the market, you cannot go wrong with even one.

3. Tonneau Cover

If you own a Dodge Ram or any truck, then owning a Tonneau cover is necessary. You will be using your truck for different purposes and in some cases transporting and carrying personal items. The weather can also get bad during this and you will be needing something to protect your belongings. Tonneau covers are available in both hard and soft options. It all depends on the purpose you intend to purchase it for. Then again, with so many varieties available, it will be hard to make a decision since every type is trying to achieve the same goal.

4. Rear Bumper

Bumpers are necessary to reduce impacts during collisions. Contrary to the common belief that it is supposed to protect the passengers sitting in the vehicle, it does not. The bumpers are designed and manufactured in a way to absorb most of the shocks during an impact and protect the important components of the vehicle. It can be made up of anything ranging from plastic to rubber and aluminum. Therefore, installing bumpers is necessary. They are easily available in the market and can be purchased depending on your needs and preferences. 

5. Cargo Liners

During the lifetime of your truck, your trunk or cargo is going to be used a lot for hauling essential things. Anything from sports gear to furniture could be transported using the trunk. Sometimes things could become a bit messy and you would not want your trunk to look muddy and dirty all over. Nevertheless, you can thank god for trunk liners, because they are going to save you from a lot of effort of cleaning the entire trunk. Cargo liners or Matts are available in huge variety and usually are a universal fit. While you want to be spending some cash, make sure that it fulfills your purpose.


So, those were the best Dodge Ram accessories. Let us know which ones we missed and the ones you like for your truck.