Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Vs iPhone X – Which One Is Better

Today’s market is full of different smartphones and with so many mobile phone deals, the question which strikes every mind is that which is the right smartphone? Android or iOS, Samsung or Apple; the biggest competitors. So what is the right choice?

Samsung and Apple are back in the game with their new models. After the release of iPhone X, Apple was barely competing with Samsung Galaxy S9 and at the same time Samsung came up with a new competitor in the form of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 which made the competition game stronger.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is known to be one of the most powerful devices on this Earth that has a bigger battery, smart cameras and with a more powerful S Pen. But wait; we can’t underestimate iPhone X, which is by far the best iOS phone launched by Apple.

Getting confused? Don’t worry we will help you in deciding by comparing and contrasting both the giants. We will take you on a quick and short journey into the world of these tremendous beasts.

Let’s Take a Look at Their Power and Storage

Let’s not dive straight into the design as everyone else does. First, check out its power and storage that makes these phones stout than the other.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is packed with two versions of its CPU. One is Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 which comes preferably for the US market and the other is Exynos 8910 which is mostly for everyone. It comes with 6GB and 8GB RAM both. The processor is monitored with the feature of smart monitoring that helps the phone in going along with an optimal pace.

iPhone X comes along with a pack of 3GB RAM and A11 Bionic chip. iPhone is considered to be having 25% more power than the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. As you all know iPhone comes with a complete OS package, so this time iPhone X could not be left behind because it was launched with the latest iOS 12. Whereas the Galaxy Note 9 using the Android 8.1 Oreo.

Now if we talk about the storage, then Samsung is considered to be the game changer here. If you are buying an 8GB version then you’ll be getting the space, not in GB’s, instead, you’ll get a whole 1TB space that makes 512 GB internal storage. It can support a 512 GB memory card as well. If you don’t want to spend much on memory then you can buy a 128 GB card for expanding the memory.

iPhone is considered as being simple and easy in terms of its memory. It comes with 64GB and 256GB with no port for memory expansion.

More Powerful Battery

Which phone has a larger battery? Let me tell you that Samsung jumped a bit high in terms of its battery which is considered to be a good sign. It is packed with 4000mAh powerful battery.

Talking about iPhone X, it comes with 2716mAh battery. Although it does not support a large battery it is more compact in terms of its design and operating system.

Camera – The Key Player!

Both of these phones have the similar camera features with 12MP dual sensors. The features of the lens are different because one of them has one wide angle and one have a telephoto. The front camera of iPhone X is 7MP and Note 9 offers 8MP.

Is the Price Same?

Last but not the least, the question that just hit your mind after reading the comparative features will be about the price. You don’t need to worry because both of them are in the same price range and you still have to spend a huge amount of money for buying any one of them. However, buying them with TeleChoice is easy. Head over to mobile phone deals with the best mobile phone plans Australia to know more.