Top 10 Mobile App UI Designs Trends In 2018

Mobile app development services are demanding new and innovative UI designs as the need for effective graphic designing grows beyond limits.

Check out the following top 10 mobile UI designs for 2018.

  1. Simpler Curves

Why go all geeky when you can get the job done with simpler polygons?

Not only these interfaces are easy to understand, they get a much better job of attracting attention. With more space and less ‘graphics’, an audience will be focused on specific functionalities of an app.

  1. Opacity

Change the transparency of an object and you will observe different effects, occurring within the same object. Now imagine the same functionality as you tap the screen or scroll down.

Mobile app development services use this feature in logo designing to create glass textural effects.

  1. Contrasting Font

If you take too much similar features, the attention span of a user is lost. The contrasting font makes text easier to read and keeps a user-focused.

A popular example is the application description of ‘UBER’. White text on black background. Simple, to the point and effective marketing.

  1. Progressive Flow

If your app has too many functionalities, it is no point to show all of them at once. Progressive flow will steadily show user options which will not overburden the screen.

Also, if you show everything at once, a user loses interest. To keep the element of surprise, it is best to adopt a secretive approach.

  1. Color Gradient

From a higher concentration to lower concentration, you can traverse through a rich variety of colors. To create beautiful animations, you can play with color gradients to bring out a rich imagery.

  1. Illustrations

Humans are visually oriented creatures. Mobile software development services will heavily rely on the use of illustrations which will explain functional technicalities.

Combined with content, they will give direction to a user.

  1. Object Overlap

It is pleasing for a human eye to watch overlapped objects. Why? Because we don’t see them every day. You can graphically overlap objects which are an epitome of your business name. This will create a sub-conscious connection of human mind with your brand, making it think about your product every time an individual sees a similar image.

  1. Emotional Experience

Any brand is likely to grow if it connects with its customers on a personal level. UI designs will try to provide an emotional experience to their users. Values such as friendships, motherhood, family and having a good time with people close to us will be preferred upon via emotional experience UI designing.

  1. Background Video

Following web UI tactics, the background will feature videos. On top of the background, a user will experience direction buttons and prominent effective content.

Videos are subjected to animations, illustrations, and shimmering signs to create a bombastic effect.

  1. Dynamic Approach

In the past, developers and designers used to rely on a static approach. Now the trend has shifted towards versatility.

Mobile app development services will adopt a dynamic approach which will make use of a combination of different UI designs. This is done to create new trends inside the free market.