What are the Best Remedies for Cough In Babies?

While we easily resort to the drugs to cure the energy draining and infuriating cough, the little delicate angels cannot bear the side effects of them. The poor souls cannot even voice their discomfort and end up crying.

The reason why mommies look up for natural remedies is, they do not contain any chemicals!

 To help you moms with this difficult phase and to save some sleep for even yourself, try out these methods. They are all drug-free and safe for your babies.

1. Go for Saline Drops

With a stuffy nose, the child will find it hard to breathe, eat, or even sleep. The saline nasal drops will thin the mucus shrinking the swollen airways. For babies using a suction bulb would be preferable.

2. Mothers Milk

Breast milk is always advised for the babies as it is their shield against the diseases. It’s a wonder drink. The newborns need nothing other than breast milk to fight off cold and cough. It is loaded with antibodies which helps to make the babies immune system stronger. Also, it keeps your baby hydrated.

3. Garlic Infused Mustard Oil and Carom Oil Massage

Chop about two garlic cloves and add them to a heating mustard oil. When the garlic turns brown remove the oil from the heat. Make sure the garlic doesn’t burn. Use this oil to massage the baby’s chest and soles of the feet. You can add carom seeds too while heating the oil, it will increase the effectiveness of the oil.

 The three ingredients have anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. The soothing and warming effect will help with the congestion and give relief to your baby.

4. Homeopathic Cough Medicine for Baby

Homeopathic medicines elicit an immune response and can be helpful in fighting a cough. The chesty type of a cough followed by cold is treated with Pulsatilla. If your child gets cranky and refuses to leave your embrace crying his lungs out, Pulsatilla will be helpful. This type of a cough gets worse at night, perturbing the baby and making it difficult to sleep.

However, the dry cough can be treated with phosphorus. Even the dry cough makes babies more sensitive. The constant changes in temperature and atmosphere trigger a cough and worsen the situation. Such coughs make the child susceptible to asthma and the child may even become moody.

The other homeopathic cough medicine for babies is Bryonia. It is made from white bryony. This medicine is used for babies who have been exposed to the cold and dry. In case the cold travels down and reaches the chest, it may result in a wild and threatening asthma if the child is already in the cusps of it.

Apart from the homeopathic cough medicines for babies, you can also use saffron paste. Rub it on a stone pad to prepare a paste and rub it on the baby’s forehead and sole. It absorbs the extra water accumulated in baby’s forehead that leads to a cough and cold. Keep your baby safe and warm especially now in winter which makes baby more vulnerable!